Tirso Duarte Wikipedia, Music, Family and Death

Tirso Duarte wikipedia page is a trending topic after the death of the 45-year-old Cuban artist. He is the singer behind the songs “Seora” and “A Bad Dream”.

After a late surge in popularity, the Cuban musician started gaining a good fan following at the tail end of his career.

As a member of Tirso Duarte y la Sonoridad music group, Duarte could be a great addition to the Cuban music scene if not for his unfortunate demise.

Today, we have brought you a comprehensive guide about Tirso Duarte Wikipedia, music, family, and death in detail.

Tirso Duarte Biography

Full NameTirso Duarte
Birth DateApril 12, 1978
DeathSeptember 29, 2023 (Age 45)
EthnicityMixed Latino

Tirso Duarte Wikipedia

Tirso Oriol Duarte Lescay is a Cuban musician who was on on 12th April 1978 in the capital city of Havana.  

There isn’t much information about his music and home nation on Tirso Duarte Wikipedia. 

Tirso was a multi-talented musician who was a singer, musical arranger, composer, and also played the piano. He is popular for performing Timba music, a Cuban genre of music.

Duarte went to music classes when he was young to pursue his love for music. He joined Amadeo Roldán Conservatorium to learn music.

You can learn for about him in Tirso Duarte Wikipedia.

Career Highlights

The Cuban artist has had quite a few important moments in his career from writing music to starting his music group.

Music Groups

After his musical studies, Tirso joined and became a part of Pachito Alono’s music group. Later, he joined the NG La Banda and later La Charanga Habanera band which were directed by José Luis Cortés and David Calzado respectively.

He also sang with the popular Pupy y Los Son, Son band. 

Tirso Duarte did many collaborations with popular Cuban artists and bands before he became known on his own.

Starting Band and Writing Songs 

After his multiple years working under other directors, Duarte started his own music group, Tirso Duarte y la Sonoridad. 

At the same time, he also wrote popular songs like Charanguero Mayor, La Vecina, Interview, A Bad Dream, and Riqui Rincón.

The artist was also featured in the German movie Música Cubana.

Tirso Duarte Age, Ethnicity and Physical Features 

Tirso was born in Havana, Cuba. So his nationality is Cuban. Similarly, he is mixed-race Latino in terms of his ethnicity. He followed the Christian religion.

During the time of his death, Duarte was 45 years in age.

He had black hair and black eye color. He was approximately 5 feet 7 inches and around 80 kg in weight.

Tirso Duarte Family

Tirso was born into a Cuban family with one of his parent from Cuba and the other from a different Central American nation.

However, not much is known about Tirso’s wife and kids, or if he’s in some kind of relationship.

What is Tirso Duarte’s Net Worth?

Duarte worked with many bands and performed in many popular shows. 

During his career, it is estimated that Tirso had accumulated about 1-2 million dollars as his net worth. 

Duarte has around 60 thousand followers on Instagram and his Instagram handle is @tirsoduarte.

How did Tirso Duarte Die?

Tirso Duarte was a victim of an attack in Pasto, Narino. As reported, he was attacked by unknown assaulters with a knife. He suffered multiple stabbings and head wounds during the incident.

Immediately after the attack on the Cuban musician, he was rushed to the hospital. His issue was complicated and he suffered multiple physical injuries.

Later, on 29 September 2023, Duarte died at the hospital following a cardiac arrest and a head trauma.


Tirso Duarte had a slow rise to fame. His popularity was primarily based on Cuba. But, as he brought his music to the internet, he started gaining international popularity. His Timba style of music could’ve made him one of the great Cuban musicians, if not for his unfortunate and early demise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happened to Tirso Duarte?

Tirso died on 29 September 2023 in a hospital after an attack by unknown people that caused him head trauma and cardiac arrest.

Who is Tirso Duarte?

Tirso Duarte is the late Cuban musician who practiced Timba style of music.

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