Reiky De Valk Wikipedia, Age, Girlfriend, Instagram and Death

Reiky De Valk wikipedia is a popular topic at the present time on the internet. Reiki was an up-and-coming Dutch actor who recently died at the young age of just 23.

De Valk was a sought-after actor with an increasing fanbase. However, his premature death by suicide was a big shock for his fanbase and the people close to him.

The Dutch actor has been featured in quite a few TV series as a recurring and also as a regular character.

Today, we have brought you a comprehensive guide about Reiky De Valk Wikipedia, age, girlfriend, and death in detail.

Reiky De Valk Biography

Full NameReiky de Valk
Birth5 March, 2000
DeathSeptember 2023 (23 years old)
EthnicityCaucasian White

Reiky De Valk Wikipedia

Reiky De Valk was born on the fifth of March, 2000, in the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

Reiky De Valk

Reiky was an actor who has been in popular Dutch TV shows like Hunter Street and Dertigers. Reiki De Valk wikipedia was relatively small compared to other popular actors, but it was growing rapidly like his popularity.

Reiki’s parent’s name and information is unavailable at the present time but both of them belonged from Holland.

De Valk was white and had black curly hair and brown eyes.

For more details regarding Reiky De Valk, you can visit his Wikipedia page.

Reiky’s Career Highlights

Reiky was a big fan of acting ever since he was a child. During his youth, he joined the Amsterdam Youth Theater to hone his acting skills.

Signed with Talent Management

During his late teens, De Valk got a chance for his acting debut on a local TV series Skam NL. During that time, the actor also signed with a talent management company named Favor Talents. Favor Talents specializes in European actors, writers, and directors.

Rise in Fame

Reiky got his big break in the Nickelodeon series Hunter Street, where he played the role of Josh for 12 episodes. Following so, he got to be a part of dutch shows such as Thirties, Skam NL, Modern Love Amsterdam, and Hockey Dads.

During 2021 Reiky featured in a few different short films such as Our Street ‘20, The Meeting, De Overkammer, and Past Perfect. 

How old is Reiky De Valk? Age, Nationality, and Ethnicity

Reiky was born on March 5, 2000. He was at the age of 23 when he passed away on September 23/24, 2023. 

Dutch Reiky De Valk

De Valk was born to both Dutch parents in Amsterdam. So, his nationality is Dutch.

He was a white caucasian male who followed Christianity as his religion. However, he wasn’t an over-religious person.

Who is Reiky De Valk girlfriend? Habits

De Valk was an unmarried 23-year-old. It’s not known whether Reiky had a girlfriend before or during the time of his death. 

 He had a casual habit of smoking and drinking whenever he was with his friends.

The late actor was a massive fan of classic Dutch movies. He also used to regularly share old movie clips on his Instagram.

How did Reiky De Valk Die?

Reiky has quite a private life and seemed quite happy from his pictures on Instagram. However, behind a happy-looking face was a depressed person. 

During the weekend of September 23rd/24th, De Valk committed suicide. The exact reason for the suicide 

How Much is Reiky De Valk’s Net Worth? and Instagram

Reiky had just had his career started in 2018. However, he was part of quite a few popular TV series. It is estimated that his net worth was within the range of $100k to $1 million.

Ricky preferred using Instagram, over other social media platforms. His Instagram page is @reikyrich and has around 35 thousand followers.


Ricky De Valk was a very promising young actor who died prematurely. His love for old movies and the art of performing is something that people can look up to when talking about his young legacy. If not for his death, he could’ve gone on to become a great actor from the Netherlands.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What movies is Reiky de Valk in?

Reiky de did one feature film and four short films during his career. He played the part of Tyler in the Dutch horror movie No_Filter. His short films are Our Street ‘20, The Meeting, De Overkammer, and Past Perfect.

How many series of Reiky de Valk are there?

Reiky has featured in eight TV series.

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